Feedback and Praise for Hansel and Gretel:

Hansel & Gretel

“I have not seen such an inspiring and creative production in a very long time! Could not stop singing the praises of the cast – they were incredible and I could hear every word.The children were fabulous, so co-ordinated and confident in their creative roles. Will definitely look out for more things to come and see at The Mercury.”

Sarah Thompson, Audience Member

“I just wanted to let you know that I took my 12-yr old daughter to see the show last night and we thoroughly enjoyed the production. What a triumph! My daughter is a drama student at Ipswich High School, so she really appreciated the experience. Please keep me updated on future productions – we would be happy to advertise and to help promote in any way.”

Sherri Singleton, The Thorne, Mistley

“Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed the performance last night.

Both Gill and I appreciated the amount of work it took to put on such a great event. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves. We spent some time looking at the mail art after the performance and thought it was great! We were pleased to be able to support the event.”

Mandy Lloyd and Gill Bottazzi; Community Champions, Tesco Copdock and Colchester.

“What an epic job you have done. Such a splendid production! Absolutely superb!

A phenomenal funding job and extensive support for the project in so many ways – wow!

Congratulations to you for pulling so many different strands together to get it off the ground, and to all of those involved in the production in any way. It was indeed a triumph.”

Frances Brace, Red Flame Communications

The Pimlott Foundation has shown me what I want to do in the future, and why I want to do it.”

Evie Press, age 12 ‘Sandman’ in Hansel and Gretel

Thanks to the Pimlott Foundation, our students have been able to participate in a professional production of an opera that is both challenging and accessible, boosting their performance skills, their understanding of the true purpose of the arts, and their belief in themselves. This is the sort of project that fires a great education – thank you.”

Miles Bacon, Head Teacher, Thurstable School

The Pimlott Foundation have provided a fantastic opportunity for our children. Working with professional directors and musicians has already provided children with experiences that will be treasured forever. Parents returned from the first workshop full of enthusiasm for the project. I feel the project has really opened eyes to the world of opera.

Andrew Macdonald, Head teacher Langham Primary School; (during workshop period)

“I am so pleased that we were involved in this project. The children in the Kinderchor found the experience hugely rewarding and the benefit from the musical discipline involved was immeasurable. I appreciate the huge amount of time, effort and risk involved in making this possible and want to express our heartfelt gratitude.

The production itself was magical, and the children we took along from the school have enduring memories of the opera. They were spellbound by the visual spectacle and music in front of them.”

Andrew Macdonald (post production)

“So many congratulations on what sometimes must have felt like a seemingly impossible achievement! But you made it and you must have given enormous pleasure along the way to everyone involved.”

Zelie Jopling, Roman River Festival

“I can’t get over how good your production was – I expected it to be good but I didn’t expect it to be far better than any production I’ve seen before!

All the roles were acted and sung perfectly – but the real revelation for me was how well the parts of Hansel and Gretel were played. I’ve never seen a really satisfactory performance of either role before – Hansel is usually not a very convincing boy, and Gretel usually either seems far too old for the role, or worse still, over-compensates for being too old by caricaturing the behaviour of a young girl, rather than playing it authentically. But both parts were totally convincing in your production – as well as being sung beautifully.

I also loved the fact that you played it traditionally throughout – I think most attempts to modernise the story are just an ego trip on the part of the Director; and I loved the fact you kept the sets so simple – the “trees” were a master stroke in this respect, and so was the gingerbread house/oven. Most productions are too elaborate and too “clever by half”, whereas yours was clever in the true sense of the word. And the dream sequence just after the prayer duet was extraordinary.

Have you thought of recording a DVD of your production? I know you’ve recorded a CD but that isn’t the same. Your production is far better than any of the ones that are currently available on DVD, in my honest opinion.

I should also have mentioned the witch, who had the most perfect blend of charm and evil that I’ve ever seen.”

Dave Rado

“What a triumph! The singers and orchestra were excellent, and the trees were ‘inspired’.

You emphasised all the folk tales aspects of the opera beautifully, without ‘dumbing down’..It is so good to see singers who can also act well.”

Max Wilkinson

“Firstly, I’d like to commend everyone involved with the Hansel and Gretel performances. I attended 3 of the 4 shows and enjoyed every minute of every one.

My daughter enjoyed her eye-opening venture into the world of professional stage performance. In fact, she’s now decided to pursue a Music GCSE purely for the joy she felt partaking in performing arts. What Mother doesn’t champion joy!”

Pamela von Kaenel.

“I would like to thank the Pimlott Foundation for giving Bradley James (Langham Primary School) a fantastic opportunity to take part in what was truly a magical production of Hansel & Gretel – his exposure to theatre, opera and music in general have really given him more insight into another world and more especially a greater enthusiasm for future events, workshops, choirs etc – so for that I can only express sincere gratitude to Daniela, Yourself and everyone else concerned and involved. I too have become more inspired by Brad’s involvement. The dedication, commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism is remarkable and you are all such an amazing group of people to deal with and I take my hat off to you all – my thanks extend to all concerned.”

Sally James, Parent

“I have finally got round to sending you an email after your wonderful achievement of staging Hansel and Gretel.I can only guess at how much work you have both put into your ambition to present a professional production but add so much more with the local children in the community.We absolutely loved it. The singing was superb and the children taking part so well rehearsed and looking as if they were enjoying it too. Great to see some boys having fun on stage in the dancing.Lovely to see you performing, Daniela, a great role. We had seen Alice at Snape last year rehearsing and singing Nerone in Poppea, a very different part! There were certainly a lot of talented people involved.”

Christine Ranson, Ipswich Orchestral Society

“Speaking on behalf of the school, I would like to thank you both for involving us in the Hansel & Gretel project. It has been such a worthwhile experience for everyone involved, and the end product was just outstanding, so much so that I came back on the Friday evening with my wife to watch it all again, and enjoyed it even more. Cogratulations to everyone involved and should you do something similar in the future please consider using Chase Lane School again.

All the feedback I received from parents was very positive. The children are also still full of the whole experience, which has certainly made an impact on each and every one of them and is something they will remember for the rest of their lives. I am delighted you are thinking of following this up with some singing workshops in the summer and I hope that some of our children will get themselves actively involved.

Our year threes were also able to support the mail art exhibition which I was very glad about, as that part was totally out of my control. I wish you both all the best for the future and hope it will not be too long before we work together again.”

Antony Sanders, Music teacher, Chase Lane School

“It was fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Ashling Brame, Parent

Feedback from the children and young people who performed in the production:

Hansel & Gretel - kinderchor

‘My experience has been amazing – getting to meet amazing people and the rest of the crew has been a pleasure. A once in a lifetime opportunity’.

Lauren Brame

‘My experience has been really exciting and fun – we got to meet lots of really talented people. Thank you’

Sophie J

‘This has been a great opportunity to improve and take in different experiences. I have loved meeting the crew and the people who helped us here. Thank you’.

Grace Upton

‘This has been an amazing journey. I’m so grateful. You made a dream become a reality’.

Nikki West

‘This experience is one I will never forget. It will stay with me forever, and so will the people I have met through this. Thank you’.

Ruby Tinworth

‘A once in a lifetime experience’

Hannah Terry

‘I have had such an amazing time, and I’ve met lots of talented musical people that I will know forever.’

Ellie Macey

‘Everyone has been so inspirational. It has been a great experience’.

Abi Hutchinson

‘Thanks for the opportunity. It was wonderful and is in my memory forever’.

Morgen Sheldon

‘Thank you. I will remember this forever’